Instructions for Running a TGIF

This is an updated version of previous TGIF coordinator Jeff Vaughn's instructions for running a TGIF.

TGIFs are twice monthly happy hours for CIS faculty members and PhD students. Small groups of students organize individual events.  I am the general coordinator along with Chris Czyzewicz.

 Please email us (cstocker@seas, skiz@seas) with any questions!


How to run a TGIF


Please sign up for one of the dates on the online sign up sheet.  That sign up sheet will act as a working schedule of events also, so if you change anything about your TGIF, please go back there and update your entry.

When you know the Friday that you're holding your event, you'll need to reserve Levine 307 from 5pm-8pm.  You can do that on the SEAS room reservation page.

The week of your event, send an email to Mike Felker advertising your event (i.e. date, time, location, food, etc) .  He'll take care of sending it to the right people.


Food and Refreshments

  • Budget <= $300 
  • Keep all receipts for reimbursement
  • Try to order no later  than Thursday afternoon
  • Food
    • Estimate feeding 30 meat eaters and 10 vegetarians
    • Think Turkish, Irish, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, homemade or (if all else fails) pizza 
    • Plates, napkins, utensils 
      • Ask that they  be delivered with the food.  If they aren't, a last minute run to CVS should do the trick
  • Drinks
    • Tried and true: Springfield Beer Distribution
      ( 215-546-7301 ) for beer, soda/juice and ice
    • Alcohol
      • 2 cases of beer or 12 bottles of wine
      • Beer: 
        • Yuengling is generally a standard
        • Get creative with the other case
      • Wine:
        • Make sure to buy it from a state store, the university will not reimburse out-of-state liquor purchases
    • Non-Alcohol
      • 3-4 2l bottles of soda, pitchers of water from the kitchen, 1-2 cartons of juice
    • Ice
      • A 5 or 10 pound bag should do the trick
    • Cups 
      • Don't forget to buy
  • Extras
    • TGIF owns bottle openers, corkscrews, cutting boards and buckets for cooling drinks 
      • Contact us for them the day before and don't forget to return them when you're done


Setting up for a TGIF is easy. Make sure to

  • Arrange the tables
  • Set the food out well spaced so the hungry mob can get to it quickly
  • Put ice and beer in the large blue buckets (stored in the Levine 307 closet)
  • Start playing music over the av-system.

This usually takes little time, but leave half an hour. I typically ask food and beer to be delivered about 15-30 minutes before the event starts.


Post TGIF Clean up

  • Eat, drink, take home, or give away leftovers that won't keep
  • Save supplies that can be used for another TGIF (email us)
  • Return the tables and chairs to rows
  • Clean up any spills or sticky spots
  • Bring garbage to the dumpster next to the Copy Center on the first floor of Moore
  • Return the av-system remote control to its charger in the closet
  • Email eos, asking them to vacuum.


Budget and Reimbursement

While the department pays for the TGIF, it does so indirectly. You need to buy food and drinks then get reimbursed by the Moore Business Office. 

Fill out:

 Return these forms with your receipts to be reimbursed, and don't forget to keep a copy of it all for yourself. You should receive payment by check or direct deposit in two or three weeks.


Official Word

If you don't like my list, check out the official word from the CIS department, i.e. Mike Felker's TGIF Guidelines